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Let’s save you money while

saving the planet

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Green Energy Brokering

Let’s save you money while making your business greener. Our expert brokers will scour every corner of the market to find you more affordable energy that is better for the environment – at zero cost to you!

 Solar PV Installations

Our speciality. We conceptualise, calculate, design and install commercial solar PV systems that will save your business thousands of pounds while reducing your carbon footprint year-upon-year.

Carbon Reduction Journeys

The easiest way to understand your business’s impact on the environment is via carbon audit. We’ll review every aspect of your operation and will guide you through achievable steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

who do we


We work alongside pro-active, responsible business owners of all shapes and sizes.

Ambitious leaders who want to leave a legacy of environmental care. Those who recognise the need for immediate change that will safeguard living conditions for future generations.

We help those with green ambitions who have a vision of sustainability (financially and environmentally) for their organisation.

If that sounds like you, we should chat.

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It’s great to be working with GO Low Carbon at a time when businesses really need it. It’s really true that every little helps when it comes to business growth and sometimes you do find those ‘marginal gains’ in your overhead reductions.
Price hikes in energy tariffs can quickly eat up margins that many businesses have struggled to maintain over the last 18 months and if we can help keep that impact to a minimum, or in some cases a reduction, then it helps soften yet another blow to businesses.
Partnering with Ryan and his team was an easy decision, from conception they have worked with the Chamber and we’ve supported them to a point where they can now support us and the wider community, I’m incredibly proud of that. By working together, we are stronger together.

Eve HallidayChamber of Commerce

As a Spa hotel, I am conscious of our carbon footprint. I already have a biomass boiler for heating the hotel and spa and a borehole for water. I am keen to support green electricity but also mindful that electricity is a significant overhead.
Having met with Ryan, I found a solution that was more competitive than I was offered by my current supplier and Ryans’ understanding of the energy market is second to none.

Mike DunbobbinAppleby Manor

We had no idea that we might be eligible for CCL exemption and never took much notice of the charge on our bills. When Ryan contacted us with a no-risk offer to make a claim on our behalf we weren’t holding our breath, but we were amazed to receive a refund of over £20,000 paid straight into our bank within 8 weeks. The process was hassle-free and we were always kept up to date, thanks again to GO Low Carbon for a very welcome surprise!

Summer Grove Halls

GO Low Carbon successfully claimed back 2 years’ worth of CCL for First Engineering, due to our Company’s light carbon footprint. We weren’t aware there were exemptions of this sort for our sector and I know that Ryan did some significant legwork to get our exemption in place, which is really appreciated. Mark sorted our energy contracts for the foreseeable, giving us peace of mind.

First Engineering

Highly recommend Go Low Carbon for utility/energy advice and assistance. Unlike their competitors, Ryan Park and Mark Ludford are not pushy salesmen but both very knowledgeable about the energy markets and provide great advice when reviewing utility contracts in trying times!

Argyll Asset Management Ltd

After a quick call to establish which suppliers were going to be best suited, Ryan Park from Go Low Carbon emailed across a summary of the most competitive rates after comparing more than 85 options from 17 different suppliers. Given that we’re a dairy farm we use a considerable amount of electricity and the price increase is a concern, meaning we really had to make sure we were getting the best deal available. Just to make sure, I asked another broker if they could beat the rates offered by Go Low Carbon. They couldn’t get anywhere near it and advised that I “bite their hand off”. Signing up to the new supplier was straightforward and Go Low Carbon kept me in the loop at all stages.

Mr. V

No pushy salesmen, just a company built on foundations of pure customer service. Providing up to date independent information current energy prices while allowing customers to decide on the right contract to suite them along with support and advise when needed. A modern day company with modern day ethics.

Paul Coulson

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